University of Waterloo mathematics department, religious studies and economics department experiment is born out of a meeting with Bill Gates, launching a socio-economic development quantum mathematical formula to create trillion dollar value to match Bill Gates extended vision.  Intelligent Market Solutions Group Inc. is born out of this responsibility, and later IMSG launches the International Cultural Bullying Management (ICBM) Agency not-for-profit.  ICBM emerged from a security obligation to counter cultural terrorism and economic threats.
ICBM works with IMSG as a grass-roots peace-making and economic development not-for-profit research institute, foundation and think-tank.

The off-spring from both organizations is the grass-roots Bully Watch watchdog program converting administrative fraud, espionage and terrorism into productive economic behaviour.

PriceMetrix is the first large scale implementation of 13 years of R&D to deploy the mathematics creating a patent protected start-up, PriceMetrix Inc., housing a Software As a Service (SAaS) Artificial Intelligence (AI) financial expert system.

The Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) implements a Bully Watch system for counter-terrorism purposes.

The head of a Canadian government authorizes a Bully Watch probe on the government, resulting in a legal victory.


Bully Watch is adapted for community use through a “Bully Watch for Traffic” system called Road Watch.  Road Watch is a community-driven program that provides citizens with a means to report aggressive or unlawful driving behavior.  The Richmond Hill Road Watch program administered by York Regional Police is born.


Microsoft sponsors The Lakeshore chapter of the Project Management Institute to host a series of seminars on The Formula, adapted for use outside of IMSG and ICBM, leading by example with IMSG announcing safe clean energy of one of a series of technologies.