Bully Watch:  An incivility to innovation restorative justice Watchdog as a decentralized human rights protocol deploying a criminal code security and securities sustainability algorithm.


Press Release

Student Track Record
Employee Track Record
Customer Track Record
Financial, Federal and Municipal Origins
Community Adaption – Road Watch
Community Adaption – RBC Legends of Cricket Live

Why is Bully Watch Effective?
Examples of Success
Community Application: Students – Parents – Corporations
What is Bully Watch?
Who is Bully Watch for?
Why is Bully Watch effective?
Was Bully Watch shaped for civilian use?
Does Bully Watch accept public input to engage in public consultation?
How has the greater community supported Bully Watch?

Press Release


Richmond Hill, April 6, 2016
IMSG announces Bully Watch Incivility Management for Community and Work

Press conference details 11am April 6, 2016
Shiraz Restaurant, 9737 Yonge St., Richmond Hill
(905) 764-6900
Who is this about? Intelligent Market Solutions Group Inc. (IMSG)
What is the actual news? (1) Student, employee and customer track-record
(2) Road Watch background
(3) Student led community call to action with MP Majid Jowhari
Why is this news? “There is a way for citizens to benefit from the deployment of human rights to enhance private and government agencies to be part of peacemaking.  It is done through a mathematical formula proven to be effective with 30 years field testing, deployed as training and software, now being readied for public use.”
Dave D’Silva, Bully Watch co-founder
Vision of Bully Watch Replace bullying with positive behaviour.
Make communities stronger as a unified force.
Mission of Bully Watch The mission of Bully Watch is to expand on the success of Richmond Hill Road Watch with a system that resolves community issues involving bullying to reduce depression and anxiety.
What is Bully Watch? Bully Watch is a formula based restorative justice framework that promotes human rights in a way for individuals to solve their own issues.  Bully Watch makes the system work for you.
Why was Bully Watch developed? How would society be if abuse is replaced with productive behaviour?  What happens if our communities get to know each other, reducing fear and anger?  Bully Watch helps bring together people, organizations and cultures, to reduce wrongful behavior, inefficient use of money and resources stunting economic growth.
Call to action We are open to finding out how you are struggling, to know how best to serve.  We are looking to raise $10M in year one.
Contact info Dave D’Silva, [email protected], 416.624.4674 http://www.BullyWatchCanada.ca
Who is Intelligent Market Solutions Group Inc. (IMSG)? Intelligent Market Solutions Group Inc. (IMSG), founded in 1989, is a socio-economic training and development project management consulting firm. IMSG has a $5 trillion track record deploying a human rights based mathematical formula.  Where has this worked? To strengthen Canada’s leadership in world peace, IMSG bridged the gap between two countries, co-creating RBC Legends of Cricket Live 2007 India vs. Pakistan Heart and Stroke Match, with 10,000 people coming together to demonstrate peaceful relations through a positive unifying force.

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MP Majid Jowhari, 2016 Jean Vanier Valedictorian Joshua D’Silva, Dave D’Silva, Bully Watch Press Conference, Richmond Hill, April 6, 2016.

The Bully Watch program recognizes high school students demonstrating character through a dual set of plaques.


In recognition of your worthy efforts in creating a restorative justice framework that promotes human rights by bringing together people, organizations and cultures to resolve community issues involving bullying.  I commend you for your vision of replacing bullying with positive behavior to make communities stronger as a united force.” Majid Jowhari, Member of Parliament for Richmond Hill.


In recognition of your civil engagement, on behalf of the Government of Canada, I commend you for your sense of volunteerism and for creating a positive community spirit.” Majid Jowhari, Member of Parliament for Richmond Hill.



Jean Vanier Catholic High School


IMSG has a 25 year track record improving a human rights based mathematical formula resulting in socioeconomic gain for family and corporate communities.

Student Track Record

Bully Watch for Students was spawned by Richmond Hill Jean Vanier Catholic High School students who built on their work through the Corpus Christie Catholic Grade School York District Catholic School Board Safe School anti-bullying pilot program over a period of six years.  Bully Watch for Students founders had their school acknowledged through a York Regional Character Community “School of Character” plaque, which became a symbol for creation of a federal private members’ bill on character, which became the heart of the STEM  STAR Academy.

In 2015, Richmond Hill’s Jean Vanier Catholic High School was awarded the York Region Character Community “School of Character” plaque as a Bully Watch application of the school’s creed: “… the future of humanity is not just in the hands of politicians and corporations, but in our hands.  Peace will come through dialogue, through trust and respect for others who are different, through inner strength and a spirituality of love, patience, humility and forgiveness.”, Jean Vanier – Becoming Human, 1998.


York Region Character Community Jean Vanier Catholic High School “School of Character” plaque awarded from work of Bully Watch student co-creator co-nominators

This plaque gave rise to a dual federal certificate of recognition for Bully Watch acknowledging Jean Vanier Catholic High School student participants, “In recognition of your worthy efforts in creating a restorative justice framework that promote human rights by bringing together people, organizations and cultures to resolve community issues involving bullying”.  I commend you for your vision of replacing bullying with positive behavior to make communities stronger as a united force.”  Majid Jowhari, Member of Parliament for Richmond Hill.

Employee Track Record
Bully Watch for Work Incivility Management

Premier McGuinty successfully deployed Bully Watch in response to a misogyny concern about alleged bullying in the Ontario Provincial Service (OPS), setting legal precedence.

Learnings from this case is presented as a workshop in The Formula for Project Professionals.


Bully Watch for the workplace converts bullying into positive behavior causing projects to be achieved on time, on budget, and revenue expectations to be met.

Customer Track Record
Bully Watch for Customers (Retail Consumers)

In 2016 a bank customer had $300 returned to their account, was granted a lowered mortgage rate, and compensated for their troubles, as the result of one meeting.

In 2016 a telecom customer received over $800 in credit as a result of a single phone call.


Securities, and security background (e.g. Road Watch)

The securities or financial Bully Watch origin is as a socioeconomic watchdog turned into a stockbroker behaviour management system. The system implemented the Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC) responsibilities as the”police”, and “education” entity for full service brokers as a private Software As a Service (SAaS) watchdog.  This caused brokerage firms to increase profit.  The system, developed in 2000, oversees $5 trillion in investment assets, when sold to McKinsey in 2016.

The Bully Watch security origin was as a Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) intelligence gathering and field operations and training system.

Another Bully Watch security origin is the 2004  Richmond Hill Road Watch road rage managemen program, to manage bullies on the road.  The adaption of Road Watch into Bully Watch was based on York Region Character Community principles, helping Richmond Hill Road Watch win a York Region Character Community plaque as part of multiple awards.
Richmond Hill Road Watch http://www.rhrw.ca sign

Student led community call to action supported by MP Majid Jowhari speech

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What is Bully Watch?

Bully Watch is a grass-roots watchdog converting bullying to positive behaviour, creating good manners and jobs.

Who is Bully Watch for?

Bully Watch has different flavours for different audiences, for example, government workers, banking and telco clients, students.  As a root solution, Bully Watch helps manage issues across the spectrum from minor to severe working with the police, security agencies, and military as required.

Why is Bully Watch effective?

Since incivility management has been shown to be reliably managed through peer pressure, when led with a positive approach and scientifically treated as process optimization through a socioeconomic incentivized framework, government and administrative services become optimized, ultimately as black box software and training to bridge the gap.

Recognizing bullying as a form of personal theft, Bully Watch works with the police, Law Society of Upper Canada resources, community groups, ordained religious representatives, medical professionals, concerned families and the media, to create a powerful unified force.

Bully Watch is effective because it exposes behaviour through leaders in legal, police, medical, political, religious, and media to create a self-balancing force.

Does Bully Watch have a formula?

Yes. The Bully Watch formula is awareness, education and enforcement resulting in self-correcting behaviour by activating conscience.

1Bully Watch deploys law to create restorative justice.

Was Bully Watch shaped for civilian use?

Yes, Bully Watch was shaped by the award winning Richmond Hill Road Watch system administered by York Regional Police (YRP).  The Bully Watch extension of Road Watch helped organize YRP resulting in York Region’s first stunt driving arrest and conviction.

Does Bully Watch accept public input to engage in public consultation?

Yes Bully Watch received public input over four decades, since 1975, from Richmond Hill since 1999 from presentations relating to a team of three children:
* RogersTV York Region
* Her Excellency Ms. Tselane Mokuena, Consul-General, South African Consulate (bio)
* U of T Radio interview
* Town of Markham Directors
* Richmond Hill Council
* York Region Character Community
* York Catholic District School Board (YCSDB) (Superintendent of Education, YCDSB Safe School parent committee, Corpus Christie Safe School orange jacket anti-bully prefect pilot program, Red Cross Youth Facilitator, “Beyond the Hurt” anti­bullying program, Luke 4:18 Symposium, Horizons Leadership Conference, Ontario Catholic Student Leadership Conference School Board representation)
*  York Regional Police Service Board (YRPSB), beginning with a Feb 15, 2012 deputation
* Canadian Positive Psychology Association
* Ontario Paralegal Association

How has the greater community supported Bully Watch?

* MP Majid Jowhari recognized Bully Watch student team leadership supported by YCSDB Director of Education Patricia Preston and YCSDB  Superintendent of Education: School Leadership Ron Crocco, former and founding Principle of Jean Vanier.
* York Region Character Community awarded Jean Vanier as a School of Character for its student led Bully Watch program.
* Richmond Hill Volunteer of the Year Award ceremony recognized Richmond Hill Road Watch committee students for adapting the award winning Road Watch template for Bully Watch,
* Central Ontario Leadership Seminars Director recognizes YCDSB  Bully Watch student leadership.


Bully Watch has been working silently winning awards for other organizations without being named:
* York Regional Police
* Richmond Hill Road Watch
* Santa Claus Parade float
* Jean Vanier Catholic High School
* Naim Malik (Bless his soul) and other individuals

What is the history of Bully Watch?

A Canadian security agency implements Bully Watch for counterterrorism and anti-money laundering purposes.

Bully Watch is adapted for community use through Road Watch, a community-driven program that provides citizens with a means to report aggressive or unlawful driving behavior, administered by York Regional Police.

The head of a Canadian government authorizes a Bully Watch probe, resulting in legal precedent.

Bully Watch holds a press conference with the federal government.

Is there more information about Bully Watch?

IMSG works towards public safety by experimentally integrating police, regulatory, and security communities, collectively creating a financial transparency “Bully Watch” Watchdog and restorative justice protocol, deployed through school board, business and government executive supported event and startup management campaigns.

Bully Watch is designed to bridge the gap through positive means, to tackle the toughest, most prevalent and difficult to speak about “the elephant in the room” issues, necessary for communities and workplaces to prosper as leaders intended.

Bully Watch causes public and private communities to re-engage with the support of court authorized behaviour training, for example as a Premier authorized Ontario Provincial Service (OPS) workplace mental health criminal probe assisted by the Ontario Ombudsman investigators.

The Bully Watch protocol a risk mitigates the security and securities aspects of corporate incivility, acting as an educational catalyst re-activating conscience to naturally convert unproductive behaviour into innovation driven solutions.  Bully Watch was implemented through a national security agency, the Toronto and London stock exchanges, a Premier probe, and a school board, with sustained award winning results, as per public / regulatory / security agency case studies.

Bully Watch for Parents was created after a conversion with York Region Police (YRP) due to fraudulent impersonation of Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and YRP officers, to create an educational bridge between YRP and adults.  The purpose of this bridge is to make citizens more fraud resistant.

The civic popularity of this approach is demonstrated with events attracting  crowds of 5,000 and 10,000, for example the three year run of the L’Arche Daybreak inspired Richmond Hill Ward 3 BBQ Got Talent and Character Community Show, and the peace movement inspired RBC Rogers Centre Legends of Cricket Live India vs. Pakistan Heart and Stroke Match.