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Safer Nuclear Waste Recycling: Pure Hydrogen From Water

Using nuclear waste to split water, creating cheap sustainable hydrogen exports.

Safe Nuclear Waste Recycling: Nuclear Voltaics

Using nuclear waste to provide economic prosperity.

Bioreactors – Algae Biofuel and Bioplastic

Outdoor Algae Pods producing clean bio-fuel, bio-plastics for 10$ a barrel while producing electricity and alcohol for generators simultaneously.

Ion Scramjet Propulsion

Advancing environmentally friendly flight technology out-performing turbine engines through fuel-less magnetohydrodynamic propulsion

Energy Trading Heuristic – Blockchain Banking Security

Blockchain technology to create a secure financial future through energy trading heuristics

Revenue Project Management (RPM)

A multi domain mathematical formula for breaking socioeconomic and technological barriers

Quantum Fusion

Green energy future achieved with quantum sciences: Muon induced condensed matter fusion created as a viable source of energy for the world

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